The pure joy of movement comes forth when using the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. The system helps you develop better coordination, inner core strength, range of motion, and flexibility. It uses a broad array of sweeping, circular movements that help you lengthen and rotate in proper alignment. The exercises on this machine use a system of pulley suspensions, hand-and-foot-operated wheel bases, to combine movement with breathing in a way that completely concentrates your mind and body on the energy and strength within you. Sessions with the system are energizing, fun, grounding, and meditative.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is an equipment-guided system of exercise that is based upon the flow of energy through the body. It is like a blend of Tai chi, Kundalini Yoga, dance, swimming, and breathing. It was created by Juliu Horvath to help dancers with coordination and flexibility, but it has been proven to be equally successful with children, the elderly, and those recovering from injuries and illness. The system uses hand and foot-operated wheel bases and pulley suspensions to precisely hone the body through some 130 movement variations on 50 different sets of exercises. It works major muscle groups three-dimensionally without bouncing or jumping. Using sweeping, fluid, circular movements, coordinated with breath, it emphasizes the placement and alignment of the body to strengthen the body core while improving flexibility and range of motion of the spine and joints.

The GYROTONIC® modality strengthens the bone structure and ligaments by working muscles internally. It can also promote cardiovascular stimulation by raising the heart rate and sustaining it through a workout. Because it works to lengthen the body, through arching and curling the spine and reaching from the core through the extremities, it is an excellent exercise program, and works wellto counterbalance the compressionthat tends toaccompany everyday living and athletic activities.The movements are designed to support proper alignment and to give expansiveness to the body, outward from thecenter of the pelvis through all the lines of the body. It allows for the optimal flow of the body's natural life force energy (chi) through the body, and provides a energizing and meditative workout..


The differences between GYROTONIC® and Pilates

  • GYROTONIC® and Pilates have both have many principles that are similar and everyone can benefit from both
  • GYROTONIC® allows you to explore the limits of movement within a controlled range, while Pilates focuses on alignment control
  • GYROTONIC® is dynamic or three-dimensional with arcing and circular motions, while Pilates is linear, working in lines
  • GYROTONIC® works with stabilization through a larger range of movement, while Pilates focuses in finer controlled movements
  • GYROTONIC® uses tensegrity throughout the entire body while moving, while Pilates focuses on stabilizing in local areas

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