Let's face it, who really knows how to eat these days? You have been told so many things; Is the egg is good or bad? Is Cholesterol good or bad? What fats are good and what are bad? High protein or high carb? When to eat and what to eat? Is organic really better?

Why is there a new diet fad out there every few years? Answer: Our western template of nutrition is wrong in the first place. Why is obesity up at around 65%?

So what to do? The first step is education. Learning how foods affect you and what you should be eating vs what you should not. In looking at your being as individual, it is easy to see why all the western diets fail for almost all people. What you do not know can hurt you so understanding and education is the first step in making changes that really do work.

The second step is to look carefully at your nutrition, including everything you put into your body.  There are simple and straight forward steps to this that easily fit into any lifestyle. 
After all, for you to develop lasting and sound new habits, the process has to work easily into the way you live. 

Here is a freebie: Do not eat fruit with anything else. it should be eaten alone. That is an easy first step.

We atcan guide you through this process and set you on the road to a healthier life.