At , today can be the first day of a lifetime of optimal health for you.

Imagine a day unlimited by your body's familiar aches and discomforts, a day unhindered by chronic stress and tension or over training -- perhaps in your lower back, knees, hips, a day not only free from pain and dis-ease, but a day of fullness, wholeness, and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. How would your life be better if you could live in such a state of optimum health -- not just for one day, but for everyday?

Many people do not realize that their physical and emotional habits become hardwired into their bodies, creating patterns and imbalances which are unique to them. Because each person and each body is uniquely itself, sessions with Brad are never from a template. Drawing from his decades of experience in assessing, treating, and healing bodies, Brad will customize for you a comprehensive program to effect lasting change and to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Each person is individual, so are thier needs. There is no template sessions that will work for everyone. A session can be a mix match of modalities focused upon what for your individual needs are.

  • Sessions may use any of the following modalities:

Movement and exercise therapy and teaching

Myofascial bodywork (Kinesis Myofascial Integration)

Ayurveda dietary and lifestyle concepts for health and longevity

Injury rehabilitation

Yoga and correct asana biomechanics

True yoga practice

Vedic philosophy and psychology


Meditation teaching and techniques

Energy and psych meditation

Abhyanga (therapuetic warm oil massage)

Shirodhara (therapuetic warm oil stream to the brow center)

Other Ayurveda treatments

Medical Qigong