Illena Andrews-

I knew Brad from taking his Yoga and Ayurveda cooking classes, so when I was still overweight after having tried several diet and fitness programs (you name it, I have tried it) I contacted Brad for a private session. He adeptly created a yoga and ayurvedic diet program to address my issues. In just over two months I lost 30 pounds without the usual effort I used to exert at the gym. I am literally returning to my true self naturally. I feel more energetic and healthy then I have in years. Brad is a truly gifted teacher and healer!


Davida Taurek-
Creative Healing Arts and Body Centered Therapies

With his intuitive hands, sublime touch, deep listening, and vast knowledge, Brad is offering a journey, a way to re-awaken the body and develop a new level of sensory perception. His work is exquisite and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Be prepared to leave profoundly altered and wonderfully alive.


Daniel Aronen-
I discovered Brad after reading Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains book and learning a bit about his Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) approach in search of an effective treatment for some chronic chest and upper back pain. The doctors I consulted could only guess at the problem, e.g. costochondritis, GERD. Those didn't sound right to me, and I came to my own conclusion that it was some type of muscular/skeletal issue, so I tried a chiropractor. That didn't really help much, so I kept looking, discovered KMI and through that, Brad, who is one of two SF Bay local KMI practitioners, although that is only a fraction of Brad's knowledge and practice. I can't name all of his areas of expertise and practice, but I do know he is also very passionate, knowledgable and skilled in yoga and ayurveda. I've been seeing him for body work and some yoga instruction. With that short background, I say that where my doctors and chiropractor came up short, Brad has been incredible! I continue to be amazed by his deep knowledge of how the body is put together and moves and how to put it back in order when it goes awry. I couldn't possibly properly explain everything he does here, but results for me have been wonderful and I highly recommend him. I regard him as truly a special talent, perhaps one-of-a-kind in what he does.


Erin Klumb - Higginbotham-
Hairdresser, Mother, former gymnast, yoga student,
lover of life and Ayurveda

Shout it from the rooftop’s, write it on the skyline, all I knew was wrong!
Now my head is clear,
my eyes are clear,
my tongue is clean,
my mucus is gone,
my emotions are balanced,
my body feels amazing,
my sleep is deep,
and best of all, my head is clear from clutter!

I thank you Brad, for the last 2 years of dripping your passion, your love for Ayurveda onto me. For it has, still is, changed, changing my life, and the lives of my 2 boys.
After spending one day at Brad’s Ayurveda cooking class, as well as many conversations about the differences in Western and Eastern philosophy, medicine, and spirituality, everything I thought I knew had to be erased. I emptied my western cup, and cleaned it out, and filled it with knowledge of Ayurveda.
I need a bigger cup! There is so much to learn, and as I learn, I realize how little I know.
That is the beauty of getting to know yourself and your body and your mind.
It is a lifelong journey, and cannot happen overnight.
Little by little I have made changes, and I have experienced some amazing changes! I no longer crave the food I used to, my mouth is clean, my skin is clear, I do not have hormone fluctuations anymore. This is only the beginning.
My family has noticed a shift in my 2 boys, their skin is soft, eyes are clear, their moods are balanced, they do not have the emotional ups and downs they used to. They are doing amazing In school, they have told me they feel so much better, and that their “brains” feel better, they are 8 and 9 :). I do not remember the last time I took them to the doctor, They had sinus problems as well, those have diminished.
Brad has such a deep and extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, and a passion for for healing.
His ability to help you to help yourself is a rare gift.
Not only does he take the time to spend sharing the this 10,000 year old energy science of life with you, you also are taught how to make the meals that will bring you balance in your life. Amazing for a “cooking class”! I am looking forward to many more classes,
I am in this for a lifetime.


Jamie Suard-
M.A., Ph.D.

Body work by Brad has a complexity to it that makes the experience and results impossible to describe. I won’t use the words genius, miracle worker, magician... I could but I won’t. That won’t substantiate the superior knowledge and experience that Brad possesses. His uniquely integrated, technical and intuitive application of many modalities, Brad delivers the experience of health and healing to his clients. To sum up my experience: as he listened, worked, coaxed, and repositioned the tissues in my body in alignment with healing, health, and optimal function, my mind followed suit with its own healthy reorganization. He works at a depth I have never experienced before and I find invaluable. The integrity of his work and commitment to health clearly exemplifies that he lives his life as a student in pursuit of truth in the mind and body: simply optimal health. Try it!


Rosannah Riess-
Dancer and Circus Aerialist

I recommend Brad because of his vast knowledge. He’s like a walking library specializing in the human body, anatomy, movement and lasting health. He synthesizes many modalities into effective exercises and practices. Meticulously studying from both ancient and modern teachings, Brad offers powerful and clear insights that facilitate healing in the whole self. His teachings will never be outdated by the next exercise or health fad. This guy knows his stuff!

I recommend Brad because of his integrity. Brad will not compromise his teachings. He will not water-down or simplify what he is sharing. Because of this, we have the opportunity to be elevated into the learning. This potent learning is epic! Brad’s integrity creates potential for real transformation. This guy is intense!

I recommend Brad because of his patience. Often, his lessons are challenging. While he maintains very high standards, Brad also understands and supports the processes of healing and change. Sure, it can be complicated. When the going gets tough, Brad stays committed. This guy’s got heart!

Bottom line: No matter how amazing this testimonial is, it falls ridiculously short of the experience! Make an appointment with him and then make up your own mind!


Alex Iglecia, MA.-
Transformative Practice and Fitness Trainer

I found Brad during a time in my life that had my body falling apart with aches, pains to the point where I could no longer train or practice without creating new problems. I have been involved with movement, yoga, training, and martial arts for years yet this was a breakdown that seemed to include all dysfunctions, compensation patterns, structural issues and more. I was impressed immediately with the scope and depth of Brad's experience and the caring he expressed by treating me as an individual who wanted to own my healing rather than be dependent on an outsider. Specifically, I'm radically inspired by the nuances he brings to movement and yoga - distinctions I have not found elsewhere and have forever changed my yoga practice. He helped, he taught, and he shared some tea. I'm grateful to the grace of the breakdown that led me to Brad and look forward to the continuing adventure of learning and healing.


Name withheld-

feeling feeling feeling

Feeling.... much better! saw this amazing body work "guru" today-- who of course sees himself as not knowing anything and not being an expert. beautifully modest... Brad Yantzer. I was getting what is called Myofascial Bodywork, and it was so eFfEcTiVe!... our session was short, but very intense-- thankfully we met up earlier than expected or otherwise it would not have worked out. I was crying at one point when he was working down my spine and i felt alot of fear inside of me coming out. remarkable really when i think about it, and it was so good to release some of that stuff. I'm going to be giving him a follow up call tomorrow to let him know how i am doing..... Brad was so great with what he was doing, and he was very much with me and being a great guide. I think the fact that he is also a yoga teacher and his understanding of movement was a big help. There were some awkward moments b/c I was only in my underwear and uncovered so that he could see my anatomy and there were moments when I did feel a bit shy and self conscious and would find myself giggling, but it was really just me. He did not make me feel uncomfortable at all, and something about the way that he communicated really allowed me to put down those walls/distrust.


Marlies Lee- Product Consultant
Doterra Essential Oils

My husband walked in with crutches and walked out without them. 

Brad Yantzer is great.


Tanya Kletskova-

Since I'm a very practical person, so what matters to me is -- does it work and does it stick? :) And w/ Brad's work it's a resounding YES on both :)

1) works --

  * Works at the source of the problem -- he was the first one (and at this time the only practitioner that pointed out that my neck issues are from the way I walk -- he works at me feet, and my neck is way better!

  * He reliably takes me out of pain, which I manage to produce w/ bad posture, sit and walk habits, -- pains that were there since I were a kid

  * I can see the difference in the mirror b/n the side he worked on and hadn't yet (during the session)

  * My body feels way better for a long time

  * My ex-boyfriend said that it's the best his body felt his whole life :)

2) sticks --

    * Even by itself the work has long term staying potential

    * It's EXTREMELY important to me, that he gives me exercises, which (when I do them :)) make me need him way less :) I.e. no creation of dependency on him.... :)


Justine Gubar-
TV Producer

I have not met anyone who knows more about the body than Brad.  He has helped me overcome various injuries and has given me  new perspective on movement. If you are in pain or want to improve your fitness level in a long lasting therapeutic manner, go see Brad.


Kieran Haller-
Martial Artist and Yoga Teacher

For most of my life I've practiced eternal and internal martial arts, and tried to learn everything I could about cultivating the natural sources of strength the human body has to offer. Yet despite my sincerity to the arts my all too common mistake of over training left my body traumatized from repeated injuries. I had learned many forms of internal healing and meditation, and practiced tai chi for many years, but nothing could undo the damage. Brad Yantzer showed me that my body had lost perception of their very areas that had grown stagnent, and helped me restore sensation and circulation to those areas. Beyond showing me that their were solutions to the pain that had become an accepted part of my life, he showed me there was hope for unlimited potential. Brad Yantzer brings a collaboration of ancient and modern methods to his healing, and greater still he brings the kindness and empathy that true recovery requires.


Alvin Baum-

I call Brad my "trainer" because my physical therapist referred me to him 3 years ago when I was having back trouble and needed to begin exercising for the first time in my life.  He is a great trainer---knowledgeable, patient, and persuasive.  And he inspires me to do what is not natural for me, with his enthusiasm and kindness.  For the record, I'm a male senior citizen with poor posture and balance, though both are improving from my work with Brad.


Risa Sorkin-

Brad is a phenomenal diagnostician - at my first session he easily identified the various physical conditions that combined to cause my back, neck and shoulder pain.  He views the body holistically, and so made me understand how each physical problem was connected to the other.  I have never met anyone who is so knowledgeable about the human body, anatomy and movement.   Just as importantly, Brad is a lovely and compassionate human being, who genuinely cares about people.  He lives and breathes his work, and gets enormous pleasure from helping others to heal and strengthen.  I cannot recommend Brad highly enough.


Leigh Budlong-

Here is the deal, I love yoga but before Brad's 6 basic movements class, I got hurt...too often.  Brad has a practical side to him not often found in the yoga world which seems to "float" - Brad will ground you and help you help yourself. It doesn't get any better than that.  I strongly recommend incorporating his bodywork and/or classes into your regular fitness program.


Rob Weeden-
Sr. Director, Savvion Inc.

Brad is a miracle worker. 

My work with Brad started a couple of years ago after I had sustained injuries from doing too much Bikram Yoga.  Brad analyzed my situation and developed a customized yoga routine for me.  He also performed some deep bodywork to help me unlock some severe biomechanical problems I had developed....

Next, Brad asked me to join his 12 week yoga course.  This was much more in-depth program that combined study of the Vedas, Movement, and Group sharing/feedback.  The program was as informative and meaningful as the time you invest in it.  In other words, it was flexible - everyone grew together and some gained deep insight and growth. 

Then, Brad started making nutrition a more intrinsic part of his own life and his message to his students.  He convinced me to start following ayurvedic cooking methods, and I have been amazed at how much fantastic growth and progress I've made with the combination of yoga and ayurveda. 

Finally, Brad is a deeply committed yogi who takes great care with both the practice and his students.  At the same time, Brad is a very down to earth guy who can be fun, inspirational, hard core, and encouraging. 

If you want to understand yoga, develop a meaningful practice, and resolve underlying physical or bio-mechanical traumas, I can promise that it will be very rewarding to work with Brad.


Elizabeth Lindsey, Ph. D. Anthropologist/ Explorer
The National Geographic Society

Rarely have I experienced work as profound as Brad Yantzer’s.  His integration of Western science and Eastern philosophy is both cutting edge and ancient.   In the few months that I’ve worked with him the results have been tremendous.

While on expedition in the Pacific a year ago, I injured my ear to the degree that I wondered whether my hearing would ever return completely.  Audiologists could not locate the problem, and in fact tried to convince me there wasn’t a problem.  All the while my hearing remained impaired and the cabin pressure of air travel painful. After working with Brad on specific yoga sequences coupled with structural bodywork, my hearing has returned fully and the pressure of planes no longer affects me.  In addition, and to my surprise, my eyesight has also improved and the glasses I once wore are too strong for me now.

As significant as these benefits are, they’re secondary to the overwhelming well-being I feel as a result of Brad Yantzer’s structural work, gyrotonic sessions and yoga classes.  The genius of his practice, coupled with his knowledge of the anatomy and his passion for his work, cannot be overstated.  I highly recommend him to anyone interested in optimal health.


Jim Davis– President
Chevron Energy Solutions

As a typical “Type A” personality, I truly believed that I could carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. At 35, I had a beautiful wife, a five-year son and a new baby boy, and an executive job that moved my family to San Francisco. I also found myself in the worst physical shape of my life. At 44, I am in the best physical, mental and spiritual health of my life. My wife and sons, friends and family would describe me today very differently from nine years ago. What changed? Nine years ago, I began working with Brad and he has changed my life. He began by teaching me that by putting my health first that I would then have more strength, energy, clarity and wisdom to deal with all my other responsibilities. Thus began, our teacher/student relationship that carries on to this day. Over the past nine years, I have benefited from Brad’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the human being. Body, mind and spirit. His expertise in training the body to reach its fitness peak is unique among trainers, but Brad is beyond any other trainer I have met. His ability to heal the body when it is injured or sick applying the integration of all the techniques he has learned has helped not only myself, my family but also countless other clients that I have seen come to Brad. But with all of this talent, Brad remains humble, funny and accessible. If my story sounds familiar, come see Brad, he may change your life.

Dapne Scott-

Brad's work is phenomenal! I had multiple invasive surgeries years ago, and have not been able to release the emotions contained inside my body memory from that time, nor to break up the scar tissue, nor to inherently strengthen the "center" that was opened up then. Through Brad's body work coaching and instruction, I am  doing all of the above, while strengthening my body again from the inside out. I am also building a firm foundation that is allowing me to realign my body into correct form - foundation, posture, pelvic center. If you have experienced an injury or a trauma to any part of your body, or if you are healing from any surgical procedure (old or recent), or if you are finding the best way to live with a diagnosed "illness" - Brad's work will teach you how to strengthen your body, and provide you with the tools to continue a regular "body strengthening" practice for the rest of your life. And he is an excellent resource on starting and living an ayurvedic lifestyle.


Mark Routhier– Director
Artistic Development Magic Theatre

The combination of Brad's Structural work and movement work was, for me, like tapping into a deeply physical cosmic secret. At the end of structural sessions, I sometimes could not tell where my body ended and the space around it began. That is how balanced and tuned in I felt. I literally could not delineate between the space behind and in front of my skin and understood, physically, what it must feel like to part of everything. I've always understood it spiritually, but physically, my body was my body and everything else was everything else. Pretty cool stuff. His movement work complements those physical revelations by focusing on releasing spiral meridians, and at the end of some movement sessions, I would feel equally as connected. Brad also released a chronic tightness in my calves and achilles that had stopped me from long distance running for five years. At 46, I'm running 7 miles and feeling an ease and painlessness that I last felt at 39.

Theo Lewis– CMT Student

As to your class,... I may not be on board with the Energy Work and Eastern Modalities. But you are an excellent teacher. You always treated your students with respect, regardless of how much they challenged you and/or the subject matter. Your confidence in and knowledge of the subject matter was demonstrated by your lack of defensiveness when challenged. You answered all questions politely, and entertained dialog and exploration of the therories presented. And when you didn't have an answer you just said "hum,.. I don't know the answer to that one." This is good teaching. So in a nutshell, you are a damn good teacher, an academic breath of fresh air. The school couldn't possibly pay you what you are worth. So I'm glad you do it because you enjoy it. Future students will be fortunate to have you.

Dan Passini- Yoga Series Student

I began yoga to recover my aging body from an accumulation of youthful sports injuries. The practice of yoga is very helpful in addressing my injuries; however as my time practicing yoga increased I sensed there was much more to the "practice of yoga". I happened upon Brad's weekly class and decided to attend his workshop.

The workshop addressed specific components of our physical, mental, and energetic processes. I gained a fuller understanding of how each of these components are interdependent. The real kicker for me was when the teachings began to knit together. This increase in my awareness allowed me to witness nature's subtle actions upon my body, mind, and energy. I quickly learned that although subtle, the forces in which we live are quite profound. As I learned to clear physical blockages the flow of "nature's life energy" brought an increased awareness of my functioning within nature. Harmonizing with nature is an experience I can wish for all of humanity. Brad has brought together a wealth of information and experience for all who seek a greater awareness to life around and within us. It's been a privilege attending Brad's workshop.


Matt Sloane- Yoga Series Student / Writer / Author
AyurvedaFlow Coaching

"Brad's teachings allowed for my own shifts in being that are both miniscule and profound at the same time. By way of empowerment, he offers guidance in cleansing, mindfulness, breathing, and movement practices. Often quoted as saying 'it's all connected', Brad remains humble and curious with regard to his knowledge, which he draws from sources that are both modern and ancient. He brings his full self to his work, staying in line with his core beliefs, thirst for absorbing and sharing truths, respect, humor, and compassion."


Lynda Creighton-Yoga Series Student
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Brad's beginning yoga workshop is the best thing you can do for matter what your level, there is something to be gained from the experience.  It has changed my life.  I cannot say what part I loved best about it for there were too many to articulate--I suppose the breathing and meditation has added the most to my life.  I was one of the lucky ones...the workshop was for me the path back to myself and the realization of our oneness.  It provided me with many opportunities for emotional release and openings in my body which has altered my life experience.  I am calmer, I can listen on a deeper level, and in going deeper into myself, I have found all that I need.  That all things open up to you when you let go and in having the beginner's mind, life continues to amaze and present wondrous things to you...Thank you, Brad, for your teaching and your being. 
Sign me up for the next one! 


Janice Graham- Yoga Series Student

Too often and for too long I have relied on experts to lead me, coach me, heal me, put me on diets, organize my exercise, tell me what to think, and make decisions for me.

The goal of the Intensive yoga series is for ME to create MY OWN practice.
Working with Brad has given me many gifts:

  • a deep awareness of my own body
  • better balance and flexibility
  • an understanding of how asana fits within a larger yoga practice 
  •  a sense of control over my body
  • a feeling of personal responsibility for how my body ( and my life) functions

My participation in the Intensive Yoga Series is my gift to myself. I am worth spending time on. And in learning the building blocks to develop my own practice, I am giving myself a gift that will enhance my life for the remainder of my days.


Jane Dunlap- Yoga Series Student

"Brad's yoga series is an eye opening, body expanding and brain stimulating experience.... and a whole lot of fun. He is an exceptional teacher of the internal landscape of the body/biology through yoga's multidimensional light. He inspires us to become fascinated with internal energy, to follow it and to transform.  I have benefited greatly from Brad's humorous, patient and thorough teachings of yogic thought and movement.  I started working with Brad
2 years ago, and over that  period of time, my body has broken out of a contracted and painful pattern, to the point where I have started back with dance again. Other health conditions have improved brilliantly.  I love his Yoga Series class because he has introduced to me yoga's original multifaceted and total system intent. This is so removed from where our pop and fast culture has placed yoga, as if it were some quick session at the gym. Brad's 'from the ground up' yoga series, which emphasizes simple and basic poses in sequence, so as to open up the body in a natural flow, has been a gift."


Boriana Parry-
Non Profit Sales Representative

I have experienced the benefit of Brad's work personally and have also had the opportunity to witness profound transformation in the health and vibrancy of clients who Brad has treated. Brad's work works! The first time I went to him, I was having severe lower back pain. Earlier that day I had attempted to gain relief from my pain from two practioners who were specialists in their respective modalities of bodywork. I didn't feel better. Though disillusioned, upon Brad's insistence that he could help me, I decided to let him give my painful back a try. I didn't have much faith; after all, two other professionals couldn't help me. To my delight and relief, Brad's treatment worked! Brad's understanding of the various integrative ways in which the systems of the body work together had him locate the source of my pain immediately (which was not what one would think, nor the area the other practioners worked on), and more importantly, he provided correction and relief of pain in less than 45 minutes. The pain did not return. Another time I went to Brad I was depressed, anxious, had stomach pain, stiff muscles....all the symptoms of staying in fight-or-flight for way too long as a result of a stressful life event. Again, because of Brad's understanding of the human organism as an interconnected WHOLE being, not only did he help to relieve the mental/emotional imbalance I was suffering, but when I walked out of there, my body literally felt several years younger (I think I looked better, too :-)) Areas of contraction and tightness in my legs and pelvis were significantly corrected, I was breathing more easily (before I wasn't really aware that I hadn't been breathing easily, but now I had the contrast), and my body awareness was raised a significant amount (again, I didn't know that I was missing so much body awareness until I experienced the contrast of having it).

A significant benefit of Brad's style is that he educates you while he is working with you. Treatment is not something that happens to you. You are the active experiencer, not merely someone lying on the table to whom an experience happens. Brad facilitates your conscious participation in taking-in, in integrating, the treatment he gives. I think that's why it sticks. You are conscious when it's happening.

Brad's passion for healing the human form has merged and transformed his years of training and studying into an artform; you can feel that his work is guided by compassion and directed in wisdom. Brad practices himself what he teaches, and it is instantly apparent the moment you meet him. His clarity, poise, vibrancy, and balance, both physically and interpersonally, attest to the very obvious fact that Evolution Movement works.

Janice Graham-
Exploratory Movement Class Student

I feel that I finally have an owner's manual for my body after working with Brad for several months in classes held at the Yoga of Sausalito yoga studio. Now I can visualize my skeletal structure and move my body consciously as I work to build flexibility and strength. Developing this awareness of the workings of my body is a major part of my on-going efforts to live more mindfully. I would recommend Brad's classes to anyone who has an interest in learning to move naturally through a focused self-awareness.

Betty Louise-
Life Coach / Women on the Air

Since I have been working with Brad, my body has transformed. After managing the pain and limitations of Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 years, my body is now opening and unwinding so that range of motion is returning. My pain level is mild at best. What is unique about Brad is that he has empowered me to treat myself through movements, focus and intention. My organs are opening, my emotions are expressing, and my body is blossoming…I believe much of that is due to my work with Brad. His love, support and commitment to my health is extraordinary. If you are ready to truly heal, he is your go-to guy.

Lynda Creighton-
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Lynda Creighton 16 mos later--There aren't words or language expansive enough to capture all the change in my life in working with Brad this past year or more.  There have been amazing changes in my body, continued openings in my hips, new feelings in my low back and kidneys, my ankles turning on, developing my core and abs.  We are finally reversing all the damage done in my 3 years of Bikram Yoga, which I can finally see is not yoga, but was the gateway for me finding my way to now...The change in my awareness of who I am and how my behavior and choices have effected the ones I love around me has been astonishing!  And Brad is someone who provides the safest, most sacred space I have ever encountered in all my years of working with various practitioners.  He is the container that allows for self healing.  My life is now so playful, so joyful, so present -- life shouldn't be this fun!  I no longer limit myself by the workings of my mind.  I no longer define myself by old stories or tapes that aren't real.  I no longer have to create chaos to feel my life is interesting.  I have transformed my own bullshit.  And THAT is a miracle!  Find out for yourself.

Lyn Jarvis-
Personal Coach

I had the good fortune to attend a series of workshops run by Brad over 3 weeks in Langkawi recently, and there I was introduced to Yoga and body centering exercises. I have used the services of a personal trainer in the past, but Brad has much much more to offer than anyone I have ever worked with before. His knowledge of the body and how it works is incredible and his intuitive ability to put this knowledge to work for the benefit of his clients is nothing less than eerie. On a down to earth note, my 'exercise' schedule has miraculously improved my eyesight ( age related degeneration ) so that instead of needing spectacles even to read fairly large writing, I am suddenly able to read a restaurant menu, or magazine unaided! My posture has improved so much that the nasty 'bump' we older women tend to develop at the top of our spine has almost completely disappeared , and this endorsement comes from a person who is no stranger to exercise.The non physical benefits I am experiencing are enriching my life too, so if you can, work with Brad, he's a lovely and talented human being.

Suzanne Sterling-

Working with Brad has taught me to move more effectively and efficiently ALL of the time- not just during my yoga practice and this physical change has allowed my overall state of being to become more relaxed and energetic. The work has also released deeply held body trauma and challenging body habits, creating more emotional balance and freedom. I trust his knowledge implicitly and am grateful for the opportunity to work with him in this way.

Cristina Barchi-
Photographer and Journalist, Spain

Brad tells you he is a teacher but he is different/more than that. He´s a therapist that teaches you how to heal your body through your own movement. His hard studies and natural intuition have taken him to investigate and find the lost links among many movement traditions in the history of world modalities of keeping mind, body and spirit healthy by sustainable means.

He says he blends all but that might be he´s way to hide his talent for x-raying your body and coming up with a solution for you to start a new life out of pain, dismay and confusion, today. . Students and clients experience relief but also immediate understanding of how this/their sophisticated machinery works and what it has tried to tell them for many years. When you leave Bradss public or private class/consultation you have the feeling you have been given a/the "life lost manual for your own body" instructions. And a big sense of freedom, joy and gratitude releases in you.

He is also good to be with because you feel at easy as soon as you meet his voice and reassuring hands. Respectful and patient, Brad´s presence creates a new space for you to start to listen to your organism with new ears and heart. In this, the unexpected evolves from within.

I have tried many schools of yoga, therapist and practitioners, teachers and philosophers of health, mind and spirit, but I have never had results of this kind before. I was in anguish with my own bones, muscles and nerves, I could not ´land´ myself from an anxiety it was rooted in my nervous system for 6 months when I met Brad. Within the first hour of class he come up to me and said ´I know what is wrong with your body, could you please try this?¨... Now I have one single exercise that I do if extreme fatigue arises. I do it and I find bliss in my own body in the very first minutes. As I am very lazy person and not very retentive with complicated number of asanas and repeating postures I can say he gave me a master key to my health and personality and I am grateful for it. Transforming distress into pleasure is the teaching this doctor of movement will pass on to you.

What could it be more liberating and sustainable?

Jim Carville-
Business Development Officer

F finding answers through structure:
Brad's teachings go far beyond the physical benefits of deep massage and physical therapy. I signed up with Brad to reconcile past years of aches and pains related to running and triathlons. The sessions as expected, were difficult, yet extremely rewarding. My muscles week after week seemed to unravel. But I also learned the direct impact it had on my energy, my stress levels, and my psyche. Now it's more about balance and using structural alignment and movement exercises for strength, poise and flexibility. I train smarter and not harder. I relax more and have a deeper calm in my life as a whole. Thanks Brad.

Yvonne Esquer-
Dance Medicine Specialist

Brad's strong intuitive touch facilitated my freeing of old adhesions. His creative approach and expanded knowledge of movement makes him a great practitioner of his art...highly recommended!

Bill Graham-
Yoga Teacher and Studio Owner

Brad, through his extensive training and personal practice, has developed a great understanding of the physical body. Coming from my background as a yoga teacher and practitioner, Brad has shown me a means of deeper listening to my physical body and the interconnectedness of it all.

Suzanne Friedman, L. Ac., DMQ (China)-
Chair of the Medical Qigong Science Department, AIMC Berkeley

I just wanted to thank you for the structural integration sessions. They have really helped me to realize the areas of my musculo-skeletal system that needed work, and have also helped to release old, stored emotions. I began to feel the benefits of the sessions immediately. You have a gift for touch, you have always respected my boundaries and have always been courteous, encouraging and sensitive. I feel lucky to have been the recipient of your healing artistry.

Wendy Le Meur-
Paris, France

As a former dancer and subsequently shiatsu practitioner and aroma therapist, I am no stranger to bodywork . As a result of a herniated disc injury, I had the choice of an operation or a wait-and-see approach involving orthopedic corsets and analgesics. Living outside of the U.S. meant that finding a competent, experienced practitioner who could not only deal with the injury but who also had a wider knowledge of holistic practices would prove difficult. Clients here have few practitioners to chose from and I know that those of you, in California especially, who are looking for bodywork - unless you are already experienced, may find the sheer volume of choice of practitioners overwhelming. That is one of the reasons I am writing this testimonial: I had 3 weeks on a visit to San Francisco to turn a debilitating, painful physical & emotionally draining state around – to begin healing and get back on the road to well-being and work! As an old hand around the many 6-week Certificate in Whatever Bodywork School of Therapy charlatans there are, I was not only reassured by Brad Yantzer’s methodical progression through his learning in the healing arts – I found his studio work in yoga and private work in injury therapy excellent and very effective. I stopped wearing the orthopedic corset within days of working with Brad Yantzer. He is talented, respectful, knowledgeable, compassionate, very experienced and wholly dedicated and whether you are in chronic pain or wanting to begin to experience your own potential for well-being, I cannot recommend his work more highly.

Sid Tuchman-
President Tuchman Training Systems

I started using Brad as a result of a recommendation from a respected friend. I have been going to a trainer and doing weight machines for years. But Brad offered a different perspective. I'm not going to state my age, but it is many years since I have collected Social Security. Here were my objectives: I wanted to point out areas of stiffness or soreness and wanted that addressed. My posture is getting bad and I wanted that addressed. There were other issues.

I went out on a walk over several trainings with Brad and there was almost an immediate improvement in my posture. Today, I walk 100% better and taller, specially when I remember all the things Brad has trained me in. He has amazing talents.

Erin Seymour-

When I met Brad I was recovering from a yoga-related back injury. In our first class he was very patient and intuitive, helping me recognize the fear and anxiety that I had built up in my yoga practice as a result of the injury. His teaching ultimately allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of my own strength, and regain the simple joy and surrender of my practice.

Christina Forth-
Yoga Instructor, Attourney at Law

I went to Brad for a shoulder injury, and I was so impressed with the results that I continue to train with him a year later. When Brad worked with me for that first time, I was blown away by how the experience was so much more than just a bodywork and movement therapy session. Brad intuitively knew how to open blockages and patterns that I'd been holding in my body for years and he knew exactly how to unwind them. Brad has taught my body how to move in a way that cultivates health and ease, and I have never felt healthier or stronger! Now each time I go back for more layers, the session is just as powerful as the last, but different each time. No matter what, when I leave, I always feel amazing! I send everyone I know to Brad.

Vanessa Tate-
Yoga Instructor, M. A. Somatic Psychology

I came to Brad with specific areas to work on which he easily released using Structural Integration. He went above and beyond what I expected, recognizing other areas in my body that needed attention. He helped me increase my overall awareness of how I move, and showed me how I could do so more efficiently. I've had a lot of body work done and have never met anyone who knows and understands the body as much as Brad. He is a wealth of knowledge complemented by his warm and caring approach."

Carol Small-

Thanks and Thanks again for changing my life. I now have tools to keep getting better and better. You were such a delight to play with and go through this transformational process together. To be free and move into life with so much more ease is the difference between wanting to be in a body and not. You may quote me :) I love you and have come to appreciate the unique qualities you bring to this world, Thanks for being here. Love, Carol

Jill Wharton-

You work wonders.
I continue to be amazed at your ability to SEE what my body feels.... Once, I came to you after having strained my neck much earlier in the week and I was starting to feel better. You took one look at me - not having previous knowledge of my injury - and said, "what did you do to your neck?!"

I am impressed by your knowledge, insight and skill to improve my posture and injuries... I scheduled an appointment once because of sharp pain between by shoulder blades. During our session, you worked on everything OTHER than my back (except for routine final seated position move) and miraculously my back was healed.

Each time you work with me, my body - and mind and spirit - feel so good. I love your work, and have and will continue to highly refer you to colleagues and friends.

Amy Romano-

I received my first session with Brad as a birthday gift, and became hooked immediately! I am now much more in touch with my body- especially my posture and alignment - as a result of this work. It was an intense experience that affects my daily life today, and I continue to reap the benefits of my time with Brad. His knowledge of, and respect for, the body and spirit are inspiring, and I am grateful for all that I learned during this process!

Linda Aldrich-
Yoga Teacher

Brad is a rigorous and fascinated student of the human body, mind and spirit and how these aspects of self inter-relate. And all of us who work with Brad are the beneficiaries! Brad's teaching is intuitive as well as knowledgeable. He somehow knows what each body needs and is able to bring individualized healing to every student, even in a group setting. As a yoga teacher myself, I have learned an immense amount from Brad - plus I always have fun in Brad's classes. His warm, energetic spirit and humor are healing in and of themselves.

Chris Walker-

Brad is truly a gifted healer. Within a matter of weeks Brad re-taught me how to hold my body. Through his work, I am now on a clear path of relieving the stressful muscle memories my body has taken on due to physical/emotional trauma. One of the most important aspects of our time together was his ability to translate to me what it means to use and build the "core" strengths of my body. As a cyclist I have never felt as centered and balanced as I do now. I would recommend Brad to anyone that is interested in growing beyond self-perceived limitations and/or anyone that is ready to release and re-center.

Phuong Tran-
Yoga Teacher

The words that come to mind when I think about how I've benefited from Brad's work are "Empowered" and "Uplifted". I believe Brad can effect powerful changes because he approaches his work with a generous and open spirit. Brad takes as much time educating me about my body (delving into anatomy books, doing movement work) as he does structurally changing it. This in-depth knowledge of the body's workings, in turn, empowers me as a yoga teacher to guide my students toward more awareness and ease in their bodies. Brad's work uplifts my spirits as well as my spine.

Beate Priolo-

It was a special good yoga practice today, dear Brad. After the session there was no pain in the knees, no pain anywhere. Your instructions are more refined with every session.

I have lived many month in India and experienced the indian culture close up because of the friendship with a religious and wealthy family in Ahmedabad and Rolf's house in Goa. All that close contact did not help me transform exotic hindu culture/symbolism into a deeper understanding. the exoticness actually hindered my yoga practice; my mind could not connect fully with my body western yoga teachers have not quiet understood how to translate hindi instructions into a language comprehensible for the western mind. The emphasis of your instructions on the biomechanics of yoga opened the door for me.
My yoga practice has improved greatly in a shorter period and I have incorporated biomechanics in my teachings. I do believe that the biomechanics aspect of yoga is most important and has not gotten the necessary attention in the community. I rather know how my body moves safely into a posture than know the hindu name of the posture. I do appreciate the rituals at the beginning and end of our sessions. We need them as a counter to our rational mind set.

Gigi Kast- Multi-dimensional Energy Field Healer and Animal Communicator

Brad and I were paired up in a kinesis class he was taking over a period of months. I was his "model" to learn on. Brad quickly demonstrated his gifts to perceive and track the energy in the body and release the blocks. He has this ability to connect with his hands and feel the subtleties in the body to promote change and integration. He was always sensitive and compassionate with my feelings and issues and listened respectfully. At the end of the kinesis sessions my body and mind felt free and fluid. An awesome experience I recommend to any willing person.

I was some lucky to have been paired up with Brad and only wish we lived closer so I could continue working with him.

DeAnna McDaniel-

I met with Brad after a traumatic experience in my life personally and physically. I used to be an avid runner but after childbirth my body just was not the same. My back and neck bothered me a lot. I even had to cut my work schedule down to 3 days a week. I felt horrible. I decided to take Pilates & try GYROTONIC®. That is when I met Brad and heard he did fabulous body work. I had one session with Brad and my body felt great and a lot of tension was released and pain I was having seemed to subside. I will definitely continue with Brad and hopefully be able to go back to running.